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New features on PayCentre that you will love 

Hey Partner, if you are just reading from us for the first time, then here’s wishing you a happy new year! We are excited to start off the year with new features that you will love on PayCentre. These features focus on helping you fund your account using your virtual account number and also enjoy free transactions when you bring back an agent who has not been carrying out transactions in a while on PayCentre.

Here they are:  


Want to fund your account from your bank or let friends and family send money to your PayCentre Account? Thanks to PayCentre, you now have a PayCentre account number and can share it with anyone who wishes to send you money. Here’s how to get and share your PayCentre account number: 

  1. Update your PayCentre Application on Google Play Store. 
  1. Log into your App, and go to ‘FUND MY ACCOUNT’.
  1. Select ‘Bank Transfer’ to see your PayCentre account details. 
  1. Click on ‘Copy’ to fund your account from your bank or share it with family and friends.  

Reactivate Agent (SOS) 

You can now enjoy free transactions every time you bring back an existing agent who has not been performing transactions on PayCentre. Once the reactivated agent performs transactions worth N50,000, both of you will get 20 free transactions on PayCentre. Here’s how to reactivate an agent from your PayCentre Application:  

  1. Update your PayCentre Application on Google Play Store.  
  1. Log into your App, and tap on the menu at the top right of your screen. 
  1. Select ‘Reactivate Agent’. 
  1. Enter the agent ID of the agent you wish to reactivate 
  1. Click on ‘PROCEED’ 
  1. Follow up with the agent and ensure they’re performing transactions on PayCentre. 

Please note that this is currently available to mobile and Android POS users. 

You can also read more on our blog:    

Ensure you update your PayCentre App on Google Play Store if you use the mPOS & TPOS. If your Android POS is not on version, go to our office closest to you to update it. 

For more information, follow us @paycentreafrica on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can also reach our support team for help via 09087792971 or send us a message on WhatsApp at 07036918616

9 thoughts on “<strong>New features on PayCentre that you will love</strong> ”

  1. It good idea, but i will implore you people to remove/ cancel the maintenance fee and others are not doing so.

  2. It’s a good thing,long live paycentre but fo those if us that use other terminal , there’s nothing like maintenance fee , please work on it

  3. My big pos has stopped working for the past 3wks now pc nothing have been done i went to your office they told me big pos is not available For now and you still put -750 maintenance fee on my wallet. Fear God o pc

  4. it’s nice though…I love it,but kindly exclude that maintenance fee,it’s not helping at all and it’s even toooooooo much , please cancel maintenance fee oooo cause we have other pos we are using and they are not like this paycentre,infact I’ve wanted to switch PC and stop using it but I just changed my mind again this year

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