Ep 7 – Awoof New Year


Baba Sada jumps on a quick catch-up call with his friends Shege and Paulo to find out what they were up to during the Christmas holidays. Paulo realizes that being a PC agent is very profitable and seeks Baba Sada’s advice on the next steps to take.

Baba Sada gladly tells him about PayCentre’s low registration prices for the mPOS at 6,500 and the big POS for 12,500 and even goes further to mention that he will get 500 Naira with PC Awoof if he uses his referral code.

8 thoughts on “Ep 7 – Awoof New Year”

  1. I’m interested in the big P O S but I don’t know how to reach your office. I love the idea of how you are operating.please keep on moving the Lord is your strength. Please am having the small P O S with me how can I change it thanks my regards

  2. How can i change my pin pad POS to Big one that print Out receipts cos here in Lagos , people won’t patronize a POS that doesn’t print out receipts

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