How to carry out A funds transfer transaction on the big pOS

You asked and we delivered!  

We are very excited to inform you that funds transfer is now available on the big POS.  

We will be taking you through how to perform funds transfer transactions in simple steps. 

To get started, please note that you will need to visit the closest PayCentre office to you to get the latest update that will enable you to carry out funds transfer transactions on the big POS. Click this link to view the offices close to you 

Here’s how to carry out a funds transfer transaction on the PayCentre big POS/TPOS: 

  1. Turn on your big POS 
  1. You will see 4 different transaction options on your screen, press ‘3’ which is for Funds Transfer 
  1. Enter the account number of the recipient – that is the person you or your customer wants to send the money to, then click the green button to move to the next stage 
  1. Choose a bank; if the bank you are transferring the funds to is not on the first list of banks, simply click ‘9’ to view other available banks. then click the green button to move to the next stage after selecting the recipient’s bank 
  1. Then enter the transfer narration (this is optional), it can be the name of your customer or anything you like. To switch between numerical keys to alphabets during narration press the “F3” key.  
  1. After entering or ignoring the narration, make sure to input your customer’s phone number next – this is required. Click the green button to move to the next stage 
  1. Enter the amount of the transfer you want to send and click the green button to move to the next stage 
  1. Confirm your customer’s name, always double the name and spelling, then click the green button to move to the next stage 
  1. After confirmation, input your transaction PIN and click the green button  
  1. Wait for a successful confirmation 
  1. Print out the receipt and you’re done!
How to perform Funds Transfer Transactions on the TPOS/Big POS

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25 thoughts on “How to carry out A funds transfer transaction on the big pOS”

  1. Ajewole Stephen Ayodele

    Am very excited for this . But how can we get the paycentre office around us .
    Am living at ilorin

    1. Hello Partner, thank you for reaching out. Kindly note that all of these features will be available to you soon and we will inform you when it is.

    1. Dear Partner, Our office in Alimosho is located at Office C5, Divine Plaza, Plot 452, 5th Avenue Road, Mokola Bus Stop, Gowon Estate, Egbeda, Lagos State. Phone number: 09161047024

  2. The tariff on the transaction is to much paycenter is taking #28+ on 10k Y other POS is taking #10 on any transaction even is #100k and above Paycenter should work on their transaction tariffs plss….plz let us know wen the POS will b checking acct balance 4 custumer too thank u….

    1. Thank you for your feedback, Partner. We will communicate this to the team in charge and also note that checking of account balance will be available to you soon.

  3. Thanks for this improvement,but pls the machine takes long to load when you turn it on. Pls improve on this too.

  4. Adenij Precious

    My suggestion if u can give us loan within 24hrs without commission if customer want to fund transfer of 500,000 and the money in the wallet is not enough in other not to loose the customer I can easily request for loan and pay back in the next 24hrs

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