PayCentre Spin and Win Christmas Promo- Everyone is a Winner 

Compliments of the season Partner! We are happy to celebrate this year’s Christmas with you in a special way. Starting Dec 25th till Dec 30th, 2022, you can win gifts twice daily in our Christmas Spin and Win Promo.

The PayCentre Spin and Win Christmas Promo lets you spin the wheel twice daily to get free transactions, airtime, data, purse credits, and even a massive generator and lots of hamper packs! 

To get the spin popups, just do as many transactions as you can every day! You get to make your first spin after your 15th successful transaction worth at least 250,000, and your second one after your 45th transaction for the day.  

And that is not all, you get to win gifts every day for the week, yes, EVERY DAY, and then if you are one of the highest performing agents this Christmas promo week, you stand a chance to win a massive generator or one of our big hamper packs. 

Exciting right? We know! 

How to WIN 

  1. Perform at least 15 successful transactions worth 250,000 Naira and above for the first spin.
  1. Carry out more transactions and get your second spin after your 45th transaction.  
  1. Click the pop-up in your application to spin and win a gift after each milestone is met.
  1. Repeat the process daily throughout the promo week.  
  1. The agents with the highest number of spins win the grand prizes of a big generator and hamper packs. 

Terms and Conditions:  

  • All PayCentre agents are eligible for the PC Christmas Spin and Win Giveaway. 
  • Transaction count begins at midnight and ends at 11:59 pm every day within the seven days. 
  • Only agents who reach the transaction milestone will spin the wheel, and those with the highest number of spins will receive the grand prizes. 
  • Agents will confirm they have received a gift with pictures and videos for reward items outside the PayCentre App. 

Not a PayCentre agent yet? Click here to visit any of our offices closest to you to register and enjoy this exciting offer! 

For more information, follow us @paycentreafrica on Facebook and Instagram. You can also reach our support team for help at 09087792971 or send us a message on WhatsApp via 07036918616. 

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