Baba Sada Series

Baba Sada is a comic series that narrates the everyday experiences of a POS business through the lens of a PayCentre agent; a very jovial and honest family man that is trusted in the community, and one of the opinion leaders. Want to join us on this journey? Let’s take a ride!

EP 12 – Sign Me Up

Baba Sada tries to convince and change the perception Paulo and Shege have of people who choose the POS business as a means of livelihood. Turns out Baba Sada was not only able to convince Paulo, but he also got him to consider becoming a PC agent too! Did you enjoy this episode and want …

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EP 9 – Scarcity = Surplus

BABA SADA 9 (1) (1) Baba Sada saw a problem and seized the opportunity to earn more by rendering his services to a large number of people in need at a filling station. “In this business, you have to be smart and innovative…” he said 😉. Did you enjoy this episode and want to download it to …

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Baba Sada gets robbed on his way home from work but luckily, he had implemented the use of transaction PIN on his PC app. This prevented the robbers from having access to his wallet.    

Ep 7 – Awoof New Year

  Baba Sada jumps on a quick catch-up call with his friends Shege and Paulo to find out what they were up to during the Christmas holidays. Paulo realizes that being a PC agent is very profitable and seeks Baba Sada’s advice on the next steps to take. Baba Sada gladly tells him about PayCentre’s …

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