Hello partner! Did you know that there are dangerous people who are intentionally waiting to get a hold of your personal details such as your login details, admin passwords, and other information to rob you of your hard-earned money?  

In order to avoid these scammers, from having access to your PC wallet we have created another secure way for you to safely carry out funds transfer transactions, using the PC transaction PIN

What is this transaction PIN, you ask?

This is simply any 5-digit PIN of your choosing. Once you have successfully set up your transaction PIN on your PC application, you will need to input this PIN correctly before you can proceed with carrying out a funds transfer transaction and airtime vending. 

Please note that this PIN is only required for transactions that require funds or money leaving your purse.  

How to set up your Transaction PIN 

These are the easy steps for you to set up for Transaction PIN; 

  • Update your PayCentre application by visiting the Google play store on your mobile phone. 
  • After updating your app, open it and go to “settings” then select ‘Setup Transaction PIN’ 
  • Enter any transaction PIN of your choice and confirm by repeating the PIN in the tab created. 
  • Once you are done, click on proceed, and you are good to go! 

Remember that your transaction PIN must not be revealed to any other person, pick a PIN that’s hard to guess and one that you would always remember. If your PIN gets into the wrong hands, they may be able to access your PC purse and steal your money.  

For more information, you can reach our support team for help via 09087792971 or send us a message on WhatsApp 07036918616. 

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      1. Thank you for ur upgrade, but when are you going to upgrade our terminal, so we will be able to check balance for our clients

        1. Dear Partner, we appreciate your feedback, kindly note that we are working on adding such feature and will notify you when it is live.

    1. Hello Partner, we sincere apologize for the inconvenience caused, kindly note that you can now take the Big POS to any of our offices for battery optimization, which allows the battery of the big POS last for about 10 hours.

  1. Good innovation. But please work on the inclusion of depositors name in the narration. The recipient should see the depositors details not paycenter or quickteller.

    1. Hello Partner, apologies for the inconvenience. Please clarify on the issue with the mPOS, we will gladly help. You can call us on 09087792971 or send us a message on WhatsApp via 07036918616 for help.

  2. Yes they did well, in the issue of the battery, my battery that can only work for 8hours only before now working for 3-4days perfectly.

  3. Adebowale Solomon Badejo

    I will like feature to check account balance of a customer on the mini pc too. I really credit Paycenter for their fast dispute resolving ability.

    1. Thank you for your valuable feedback, Partner. Please note that balance enquiry is a work in progress and it will be available to you soon.

  4. Priscilla ocheja

    Very nice one.
    Good to know most especially that of purchasing data.
    Well done
    Keep the good work
    Thank you

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