Our promise – a stable network

Dear Partner,  

The past few months on PayCentre have not been the best, for you or for us, seeing you leave our top performing agents rank is really heartbreaking and we take responsibility for that.  

Our service has not been great, your customers were debited unnecessarily and that hurt your business. We are deeply sorry about this and we want to assure you that PayCentre’s network is now reliable; will not debit customers needlessly and where there are debits, we will resolve disputes as fast as we can. 

Solving your pain points has always been our motivation to work; from being the first to start instant settlement to 24 working hours transaction disputes, you have always been our focus. Our engagements with you do not fall on deaf ears, we are always listening and working to provide you with the best service possible. To ensure we fulfil our promise to you of a stable network, we have taken our time to choose better infrastructures and partners to ensure that the recurring network issues and unnecessary debits become a thing of the past. 

We understand the impact this has had on your business and to make it up to you, we are introducing our daily Happy Hour price slashes on cash-out transactions and our weekly Thursday Transaction Treats starting from July 12th 2021 till August 8th, 2021. 

You will carry out cash-out transactions on PayCentre at the lowest charges ever for one hour each day and the goodies continue on Thursdays where we also give special price slash treats plus happy hour.  

You are our top priority, nothing else matters more to us than ensuring you carry out more successful transactions each day and earn more.  

We miss you and we can’t wait to see you back and doing increased transactions with PayCentre. 


Olaoluwa Awojoodu

CEO – E-Settlement Limited

11 thoughts on “Our promise – a stable network”

  1. Omodunni Omosuyi

    This is very interesting. We are eagerly waiting for the promised good days ahead.

    Omodunni Omosuyi

    1. Ajie Anthony Ochang

      Looking forward seeing your promises coming to actualization, because customers are losing trust on Us, secondly when trying to log as dispute you will get a feedback like ” transaction no found”


  2. Ibironke Bolanle

    This is a good news, we are looking forward to thus.
    Also kindly work on the issue if Overcharging amount more than #10,000 and Below it at times, some customers go crazy seeing you charging them some amount more than what they request.
    Thank you

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