PC Happy Hour

Introducing the PayCentre Happy Hour and Thursday Transaction Treats.

Dear Partner, as promised; the next 30 days are going to be super exciting, we have so many amazing discounts coming your way. We know you have been looking forward to the most talked about “HAPPY HOUR” and we are happy to announce that it starts TODAY! 

Now you can make double your profit in the PayCentre Happy Hour slash offer and Thursday Transaction Treats.  

The PC Happy Hour is a daily one-hour charge slash where you and other PayCentre agents get to enjoy 20% off all cash-out transactions’ charges between 12 pm – 1 pm.   

And that is not all, on Thursdays, the excitement doubles as you enjoy both Happy Hour and our Thursday Transaction Treats where our partners will be awarded different goodies such as cash prizes, charge slashes on other transaction types and so much more. We will announce what each week’s Thursday treat will be on the Wednesdays preceding it. 

Terms and Conditions:  

  • All PayCentre agents are eligible for the Happy Hour and Thursday Transaction Treats. 
  • Price slash for Happy Hour starts at noon and ends at 1 pm every day for the next thirty days. 
  •  Thursday Transaction Treats begins at midnight and ends at 11:59 pm every Thursday within the thirty days.  
  • Both the happy hour and Thursday Transaction Treats will hold together on Thursdays. 
  • Happy Hour price Slash will not be available whenever we are on downtime pricing. 

Not a PayCentre agent yet? Visit https://signup.paycentreafrica.com/ to register and enjoy this exciting offer! 

For more information, follow us @paycentreafrica on Facebook and Instagram. You can also reach our support team for help via 017006213 or send a message to @eslhelpdesk on Facebook and Instagram. 

54 thoughts on “Introducing the PayCentre Happy Hour and Thursday Transaction Treats.”

  1. Ajayi Yewande Etiodola

    Nice one we hope the service is going to treat us better as we enjoy this one hour slash.Thank you PC

  2. It more than two weeks now and issues has not been resolved. What should we call this. I am really fed up with PayCentre. I complain about 45800 I did on 27/6/2021 and was declined (error occurred) and customer was debited. I logged it on the app and the dispute was close by PayCentre. I then asked the customer to visit his bank (Polaris). A week after the customer came back with resolution letter from bank claiming the money is with PayCentre. I mailed, nothing has been down, I called it wasn’t reachable. And another customer also comes with resolution letter. She also had error occurred of 13250 on 25/06/2021. I logged for her too, PayCentre closed it, she filled form at bank (Zenith) and Zenith also claim the money is with PayCentre’s and was credited to this account 1452794189… Please send me there headquarters address. I need to clear myself and PayCentre must find solution to this before this week runs out as this issue is affecting my business.
    Transaction ID For the 45800: TT20210627080209315719 And Logged Code (SKYKE39607378) from Polaris for (45800)…
    Transaction ID For 13250: TT20210625101605315719 and the Log Code Gotten From Zenith Bank (SKYKE39607378)..
    Everything is at risk now. Paycentre must resolve this as soon as possible .Customer is terrorizing me to refund her money as bank claims the money is with PayCentre.

  3. Wow that’s great, we’re waiting for the day to come by God grace. It’s so amazing to hear this.

  4. Abaiyaguo Samuel Tombo

    The one happy hour is a good incentive but, the choosing period is usually break for we would not enjoy the one period. If you guys really want to make us happy then, it should be 11am to 12noon or 5pm to 6pm.

  5. Ologuntoye Idowu Oladinni

    Thanks so much. When will have dispute and we send it always notify us if you reverse the money. Thanks

  6. Am not happy with this , the time should be 12 noon or 1 pm till 5pm then we have much customer and carry out more transactions . I really face hard time when the network was acting crazy . So please let enjoy it from 1pm to 5pm

  7. Nice one, we thank you for remembering your agents keep it up, but the time you choose is somehow why not early hours or in the evening thanks.

  8. Osunsami Babatunde

    I fell in love with PC when I started using it then but suddenly declined. I hope this new wave brings us better days in business. Am back to PC application and yesterday was awesome. Dispute resolved in a minute. Was very amazed. Keep it on PC

  9. Sincerity Watchman Toifatei

    Paycentreafrica is the best of all other paycentre whether monipoint, baxi or whatever. I don’t regret finding pay centre. My problem is I don’t have enough money to run the bussiness and praying to God to bless me with finance. I love paycentre

  10. Please I hate empty promises, you said happy hour to give us 20percent of all our cashout, I made a cashout of 10,000 which suppose to be 2000 for the 20percent but paycenter did not give me even 1naria, and I did the transaction arround after 12p.m.. Please you people should send my 2k, don’t kill the love I have for this company already, am not happy at all.

    1. Hi Partner, you do not have to register your business or have an existing business before you become a PayCentre agent, Our office in Abuja is located at Efab plaza extension, No 70A, Area 11 Garki, Abuja, Contact: 07065484715

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