Meet our Brand Ambassador – Funsho Adeolu

Hi partners, you have probably seen actor Funsho Adeolu on some of our designs recently, we are happy to inform you that he’s now a PayCentre Brand Ambassador! Did you know he has over 30 years of acting experience? He’s also a producer and director, learn more about Funsho Adeolu in our chat with him below. 

Tell us about yourself; family, education, career history… 

Hello partners! My name is Funsho Adeolu Adegeye. I hail from the great Ondo state also known as the sunshine state. I’m married to a super talented and beautiful Akwa Ibom woman with 2 smart boys. 

I am a graduate with combined honours in Education and Arts, guidance and counselling from the prestigious Ondo State University with which I later did a crash course in PR, Advertising, and journalism. My acting career kicked off in 1987 with stage acting mainly before I decided to move into TV acting, then cinema and home video, which earned me a lot of recognized awards both locally and internationally. 

What made you go into the entertainment industry? 

I joined the choir and dancing troupe in church back then, and I realized that I enjoyed having an entertained congregation. Later around the same year, I joined the acting group and realized I had even more passion for acting than the rest. I went after my passion (acting) and I haven’t regretted it ever since. 

What motivates you the most at work, and what do you do when you are not working? 

I get motivated by good directors and co-actors who are extremely passion-driven. When I’m not working, I spend time with my family. It’s either my family or church. 

What made you become a PayCentre ambassador, and what excites you about the services we render? 

I saw innovation and a positive change to the POS business and a beneficial move for the operation that has a positive impact on the agents and wanted to be a part of the move. 

PayCentre focuses so much on their agents, always trying to make sure that their agents have the best service, looking for ways to better the lives of their agents and this excites me a lot. I must say that I have learnt a lot from PayCentre these past couple of weeks.

How did you fit being a brand ambassador into your lifestyle? 

My lifestyle welcomes progress, innovation, and ways to a better standard of living so being a PayCentre brand ambassador is not so hard since we share similar values. 

What fascinated you the most about working with us at PayCentre Africa? 

My fascinations are; employment opportunities for individuals, helping the unbanked members of the society to be able to perform financial services, the transparency in transactions, and most of all the promptness in dispute resolution between agents and customers. All these make PayCentre stand out. 

A few words of encouragement to our agents… 

If you think of a business that you need to go into and you find transparency, 100% assurance that you can improve your business, qualify for a loan as an agent and improve your business then think PayCentre because we always have you in mind 100%. 

If you could give one piece of advice to a PayCentre agent, what would it be? 

My candid advice to PayCentre agents is to diligently perform their duties and stay with PayCentre because we are the best and we have them covered. Most importantly keep your admin passwords safe, make dem no scam you!

14 thoughts on “Meet our Brand Ambassador – Funsho Adeolu”

  1. Newton Agbonlahor

    what other pos machine terminal is the brand ambassador carrying? Does paycentre now have a new pos machine that prints receipts of any transaction

    1. Yes Partner, we have launched the big POS and Yes, it prints receipts for cash out transactions. Registration fee for the BIG POS is N25,000.
      You can register and get the BIG POS at any of PayCentre offices closest to you or from any verified PayCentre Ambassador. Our offices are listed here, kindly click on this link

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