Agent Stories – September 2021 Issue

Agent stories is a quarterly e-Book that highlights the success stories and journeys of PayCentre agents nationwide; how they have been able to strengthen financial inclusion in their communities, empower others by providing employment opportunities, and access to financial services to the unbanked members of the society and underserved communities.

This edition focuses on three agents in Lagos, Oyo, and Kwara; one with a resolve to being independent through owning his own business, one with the determination to make extra money while improving on her savings plan and lastly, the one who is passionate about providing access to financial services through agent banking. 

We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed speaking with the agents. 

Click the ‘download here’ button below to read. 

6 thoughts on “Agent Stories – September 2021 Issue”

  1. Oluwatoba Ogunsemowo

    Pls work on the Account Balance checking on your app. It’s very important because a lot of customers are asking for this. Thanks

  2. Kindly work on checking customer balance, and transfer from customer ATM card to another bank account, for big POS let all each cash-out transaction show on our dashboard. Thanks

  3. Checking of account Balance is so important because some customers do request for Balance before transacting with us

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