Exciting, new, and improved features on PayCentre you must know about.

Hello Partner, as part of our promise to you – we always look for ways to give you the best service and experience while ensuring you earn more with PayCentre! We have just updated the PayCentre application with amazing new and improved features for you and your customers! 

Here they are: 


This is a new amazing feature that helps you credit the wallets of your Wazobet customers easily. All you will need to credit their wallet is your Wazobet customers “betting ID”, and you can do this simply by; 

  • Opening your PC application on your mobile phone 
  • Click on “Bills payment” on your dashboard 
  • Under “Bills payment” you will see the “betting” option 
  • Click on it, and select the betting company, which in this case is “Wazobet” choose and input your customers wazobet “betting ID”, and the amount you want to credit  
  • then proceed to make payment. 

DATA VENDING/SALES – MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, Smile, IPNX, and much more!

Yes, you can now sell data bundles and plans directly to your customers on PayCentre. The data purchase is available to, MTN, GLO, and Airtel users, for now, we will add more networks later.  You can carry out this service by; 

  • Clicking on the “Bills payment” option on your dashboard 
  • Under “Bills payment” you will find the “data bundle” option 
  • Click on it, input your customers phone number, select the mobile network of choice, the amount of purchase and proceed to crediting. 


And the exciting news continues! We are happy to inform you that the transaction limits for cash-out (withdrawal) and funds transfer transactions have been increased to NGN 250,000 while that of agent/wallet transfer is now increased to NGN 500,000 naira. 


Just because you are the most amazing partner we’ve ever had and we want you to make more profits on PayCentre, we have also reduced our charges on all funds transfer transactions.  

Here are the new charges 

  • 0 – 5,000 naira = 10 naira 
  • 5,001 – 50,000 Naira = 20 Naira 
  • Above 50,000 Naira = 40 Naira, however, partner, premium and champion agents (agents that carry out above 30, 40 and 60 transactions daily) get a 10 Naira discount on fund transfer transactions above NGN50,000 they successfully carry out. 

To enjoy these new features, go to the google play store on your mobile phone and update your PayCentre application. Once you have successfully updated your PayCentre application – you will find most of the new features under “Bills payment” on your dashboard. 

Remember that you earn loyalty points for every successful transaction you carry out on PayCentre. 

For more information, follow us @paycentreafrica on Facebook and Instagram. You can also reach our support team for help via 09087792971 or send us a message on WhatsApp at 07036918616. 

What would you like us to work on next? Share with us in the comments section. 

148 thoughts on “Exciting, new, and improved features on PayCentre you must know about.”

  1. Olaniyi Saheed ademola

    We really appreciate your effort to make you paramount among others in market. Please help us work on checking on customers balance, we will be looking forward on that. Thanks

      1. Hi Partner, sincere apologies for this, we would like you to clarify on the issue, kindly tell us the error message displayed on your Big POS or Kindly call our support line on 09087792971 or send us a message on WhatsApp via 07036918616 or on Facebook and Instagram @eslhelpdesk.

    1. Akinjobi Ezekiel Olanrewaju

      Kudos to you for the steps you’re taking to enhance our business.I encourage to:
      – provide us with the function to check customet’s account balances
      – expedite action in uploading other functions(Fund transfers, bills payments etc) on the big POS.

      1. John Nwali chukwu

        Nice one but I have problem with my small POS machine the battery is running low all the time and I also need some money from our payment for borrow thanks for understanding

        1. Hi Partner, we sincerely apologize for this, we are working on it, kindly note that we are also working on PayCentre Loan and will notify you when it is available.

  2. Hollowcraft International

    I appreciate the Reduction on Transfer of #5,001 to #49,999 which is #20 instead of #28.18k. But I will suggest from #1 – #10,000 should be #10 but anything from #10,001 to #500,000 should be #20….Competition has it that way, so let us do better.
    Again, you update failed to work on the PRINTER symbol of the APP which does not allow does using MPOS to PRINTOUT anymore.
    This is very bad for business and has affected us in a way.
    Is it a ploy to force our hand in buying the BIG POS, if so, O classify it as a wrong move.

    Warm regards

        1. Dear Partner, thank you for reaching out. We are excited to inform you that you can now carry out funds transfer on the PayCentre Big POS. Please note that you will need to visit the closest PayCentre office to you to get the latest update that will enable you to carry out funds transfer transactions on the big POS. Click this link to view the offices close to you https://www.paycentreafrica.com/contact.

  3. That is very nice and Weldon work to amiable paycenter, my prayers is that may offer be long oo,it should not be short time offer
    Pls paycenter should keep on their good work

    1. Apologies for this, we would like to know the error message displayed, Kindly call our support line on 09087792971 or send us a message on WhatsApp via 07036918616 or on Facebook and Instagram @eslhelpdesk.

  4. Johnson Akinsipe

    Please do something on the way they were debit our customers, I have the issue now but I call no response, chat no, please do something

    1. Hi Partner, sincere apologies for this, kindly log the transaction as dispute and it will be resolved within 24 working hours. Kindly call our support line on 09087792971 or send us a message on WhatsApp via 07036918616 or on Facebook and Instagram @eslhelpdesk.

  5. If paycenter machine can also check account balance for customer.it also helps paycenter agent promote the sales.

  6. Thanks for making business easy for us. Kindly add checking of customers balance to the new feature. Thanks again

  7. Kindly please work on some other betting site such as Bet9ja, Msport, Betking etc. This update is sincerely interesting. Thank you

  8. Ogeb Margaret Bola

    Pls work on your customer relationship/services is very poor
    We want to lay complaint and get response immediately not after three weeks and moreso pls give us phone no we can reach u on

    1. Hi Partner, sincere apologies for this, Kindly note that you can also call our support line on 09087792971 or send us a message on WhatsApp via 07036918616 or on Facebook and Instagram @eslhelpdesk.

  9. We really appreciate your efforts in making the transaction easier fo us, pls kindly help us on the issue of receipt printing for transfer on the big POS. Thanks 😊

  10. Oyedele Olusola Temitope

    I appreciate you for the new improvement on the app I will like you to add how to check customer balance

  11. Francis Akinniyi Adewunmi

    This is a great features. We are looking forward for a betterment service like checking customers balance and auto reversal on debit transaction. Thanks

  12. The new feature on betting only has wazobet and as you know the most sought after is bet9ja, betking etc and more so we need loan

  13. Joyce Sewuese Gbakaan

    We also appreciate you people for such upgrade looking forward for more. Again we in Abuja we really need AEDC on the app for electricity recharge thank you once more

  14. Great! We look forward to more better services like; checking customers balance and Postpaid electricity payment

  15. Babawale Rebecca

    There is no changes in the fund transfer charges here… And I have updated my app.

    Kindly look into it sir/ma

  16. Thank you Paycenter for these exciting new offers. But please help those of us that’s base in Abuja by Adding AEDC to the list of your NEPA bills subscription.
    Thank you in anticipation for your quick response.

  17. Afomachukwu Eunice

    Just as other comentors stated that auto reversal would aid a lot, checking of balance would be of great effective. For that betting I would surely love to learn it’s do’s and Don’s. Furthermore, I strongly believe that a paycentre ATM card would give the whole business a bold look. While I would also request for a means to receive transfer from the app.
    Bravo! Paycentre

  18. Pls do work on Auto reversal of debit alert to customers with out approving them on the pos machine and also customer checking their balance,
    We do love paycentre

  19. Akinboyetan Dunke Racheal

    I want to ask if the new Pos big terminal can print out the name ofnthe withdraw written in narration section and the name would appear on the statement of the account of that person along side with my company name?. If not , l will like the paycenter to improve on that. Thanks

    1. Hi Partner, Our Big POS can print receipts and the narration feature will appear during the transaction and on the receipt, all your transactions will appear on your statement of account and kindly note that your company name would only appear if it was included during your registration with us.

  20. This is great,we are looking forward for checking of customers balance and d disconnection of Bluetooth printer on our mpos.thanks

  21. Olatunbosun oluseyi

    We really appreciate all the new features, to make it more improve please work on checking balance for customer and auto reversal for debit… thanks alot

  22. Other machines now can check balance. Adding this feature can really encourage customers to use our service. Because some customers want to be sure of their account balance before doing a transaction transaction so they will prefare machines that can run that service get

  23. Thanks for this great improvement pls i would you to improve on updating on utility bills payment for kaduna electric. Thanks

  24. Very good improvement so far u guys are doing ur best keep it up, I’m very impressed with the increase in fund transfer and withdrawal, but pls there’s one thing I will like to ask for that’s how to check customer balance so that we can beat our competitors thanks

    1. Hi Partner, we appreciate your kind words and your feedback, it encourages us to serve you better, kindly note that the team in charge has been informed and we will work on it.

  25. I really appreciate your effort on improving to selling of data on this platform …plss I also want you to improve on checking customers balance plds

  26. Akinlade Nurudeen

    Kindly work on checking customer balance and transfer from customer ATM card to another bank account, for BIG POS let all each cash-out transaction show on our dashboard. Thanks

  27. This is a good business ,but pls lf it can be possible to print on the blue pad infarred device,the print out is important atimes

  28. We really appreciate all these exciting improvements. However, I tried selling data and was not able. The response I get is “empty response” when trying to select the data amount.
    Why this error?

    1. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused Partner, kindly note that we are working on this, for further help, Kindly call our support line on 09087792971 or send us a message on WhatsApp via 07036918616 or on Facebook and Instagram @eslhelpdesk.

  29. Ajuwon Olubunmi

    For the development of company. I would like to suggest that your charges should be lower that that of other competitiors, that will draw many people to become agent

  30. I can’t transfer, I can’t check customer’s balance on my traditional POS…
    pls how can I go about this?


    Please you people should try and out account number that customers will be using to credit our purse without ATM CARD

    1. Thank you for your feedback, Partner. We are currently working on this feature and will notify you as soon as the NUBAN account number is available.

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