7 Tips to Increase Profit for your POS Business this Christmas. 

Hey Partner, the festive season is here and Christmas is only a few days away, which means that as a POS business owner, you should be taking full advantage of this period and preparing your business for more profit at your location. To help with this, we’ve compiled some tips to help you increase your profit from now till New Year.  

1. Fix and update all your PayCentre devices. 

No customer wants to wait while you are trying to fix or update your device. If you have any faulty devices or anyone that is not updated, make sure you visit any PayCentre office closest to you to fix and update devices. Click here to check out any of our PayCentre offices close to you.  

2. Ensure that you charge devices well. 

The Christmas season comes with a lot of rush. Making sure you charge your device is also as important as keeping them in good condition. If you don’t have a constant power supply at your location, make provision for a power bank. You can get a good power bank at any phone accessory shop close to you. 

3. Choose a stable network and stay on a data plan.  

Look out for the network service that is very good around your location, and stay on a data plan that works for you. If you don’t have a SIM card for a good network service, get one and register it. Never wait till you run out of data before you subscribe again. 

4. Start your day with enough cash. 

Black Businessman holding black bag full of Nigerian naira notes isolated on white background, money falling from bag

You don’t want to send your customers away because there’s not enough cash at your location. Every customer counts this Christmas, so always start your day with enough money. The more you can serve your customers, the more they return and even refer other friends and family members. Remember, lots of homes will have guests and visiting family members this season. 

5. Add the sales of other items. 

People need money to buy things and will be happy if they can get what they need at your location without having to go another distance. Add the sales of other things like food, drinks, snacks, provision, or household items, and watch you make more profit this Christmas season.  Check here for our suggestions of other businesses you can do alongside your POS business.

6. Offer Christmas promos, gifts and discounts. 

hispanic american man in black t-shirt getting big gift box in studio yellow background.

Christmas is a festive period, and people love receiving gifts, discounts and participating in promos during the season. You can give discounts on your charges, offer your customers airtime, sweets, pens, jotters or even hampers (for high-transacting customers). You can also run promos that will make them do more transactions with you during the season; for example; you can tell them their 10th or 5th transaction with you in a week will be free. They will love it and even refer other people to come to transact with you.

7. Decorate your location and greet customers with the season’s greetings. 

Stylish Christmas golden star illumination and fir branches with red and gold baubles, golden lights bokeh on front of building at a holiday market in city street. Christmas street decor

Everyone loves the feeling of Christmas, and a Christmas decoration is one of the ways to put your customers in the mood. You don’t have to spend a lot to decorate your location. Simple ideas like lights, walls, and door decorations work very well. Your customers deserve a welcome and goodbye so remember to use greetings like Merry Christmas, Compliment of the season, etc., to greet your

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  1. Wonderful! Merry Xmas and happy New year in advance guys.
    Please my only request to make this season more memorable is to give us( customers) good network, devoid of declined transactions, wrong debiting, etc.

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