5 businesses that you can do with your POS business

As a POS business owner, you always have to look for interesting ways to expand your business and attract new customers. 

The POS business is one that allows you to have multiple sources of income, you can have a full or part-time job or several businesses alongside your POS business. 

We have some business ideas below that will help you make more money and attract new customers to your POS business: 

Printing and photocopying business 

The printing business can be profitable, and it never gets old. Going into this type of business is never a bad idea. You just have to have basic knowledge of the machines you will be using and you are good to go.  

It is also good to consider your location when going into this type of business, a printing business will be more profitable in a commercial area, places close to secondary schools, polytechnics, and universities, banks, offices and market areas, etc. 

However, you need to consider the space you have in your current shop because the machines you will need are large and will require a lot of space to fit in well. 

Once, all these are sorted this business can bring you a lot of customers.  


We all love eating snacks so adding that to your POS business is not a bad idea. Make arrangements with a very good producer that will supply you with snacks that are fresh and tasty. You can sell snacks like egg rolls, plantain chips, doughnuts, meat pie, puff puff, buns, popcorn, and chin-chin etc. Display this on a neat show glass to attract new customers to your business. 

You can add something extra, by having a microwave to heat the snacks up to customers who like having theirs hot 😉. 

Bottled drinks and pure water 

We all know how hot the sun is in this part of the world and people are always looking for cold drinks to cool off. This is a good way to make some extra money. 

If you have the space in your current location and can afford to add this to your snacks business, it would be a wonderful idea. But if not, you can add this to your POS business and be sure to make extra profit every day from this.  

Mobile Phone Accessories & Charging Point 

You can start this business with as little as 30,000 naira. This is also a good way to make extra profit along with your POS business. You can sell phone accessories like chargers, earphones, power banks and so much more. 

An additional idea would also be to add a phone charging business to this. We know power is not stable in the country. 

So, adding charging points for people to charge their devices and pay you is a way to make extra income and also help your community. 

You also need to always be at alert because owning a phone charging business means that your shop location gets crowded and this easily exposes your business to theft and scams. 

Organic drinks 

 Most people are interested in going for healthier drinks these days so they opt for organic drinks like kunu, zobo, tiger nuts drinks, pineapple, and ginger juice, etc. This is a cool way to make extra money alongside your POS business.  

These drinks won’t take up a lot of space in your shop, all you will need to store them might be a cooler with ice blocks or a refrigerator if you have one. You can get a producer to supply them to you if you don’t know how to make them or have no time to do so. 

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      1. Olatunji deborah

        Hi Admin. First am glad with balance checking you guys make for us it’s really helpful to me personally because for my side some people like to check their balance before withdraw,so for that well-done. So I want to tell you another thing to work on for us on small machine,make it possible for us to be transfer from ATM to another account,like some customers use to bring their ATM to transfer to someone direct and we can’t do that except we first withdraw before send to another account which some customers can’t afford the charges.so make that possible for us.thanks

        1. We appreciate your feedback, Partner. It helps us serve you better. Be rest assured that your feedback will be communicated to the team in charge for implementation. Thank you for choosing PayCentre.

          1. Dear Partner,
            To carry out a balance inquiry transaction, follow the steps below:

            1. Login to your PayCentre Application
            2. On your dashboard, swipe right, and select balance inquiry
            3. Select the account type, and insert the customer’s card into POS.

            Give your customer to enter their four-digit card pin on the POS to see the account balance on the screen, and you’re done!
            Please note that you will need to update your application on Google Play Store to use the feature.

  1. Your business ideas I very good and interested, has you are looking for a to promote our business , I personally to become a good agent, am even satisfy With your service especially dispute resolution , everything can not be perfect but try to resolve some issue with card that our POS machine is rejecting

  2. Ezekiel Olasunkanmi

    Great, in my pos shop I also charge phone, registration of MTN sim, sale phone accessories, repair phone, mp, and power bank and so on

      1. Adenij Precious

        Very good idea I m into all this business before I join the paycenter meanwhile I did not regret after I join the paycenter

  3. You’re really doing great 👍 thanks for the Business ideas. Pls kindly work more on Agents quick response on WhatsApp when needed. Thanks

  4. Paycentre are really trying, this tips are helping.paycentre should try and do recharge card that will be printing out some pos machine are doing it they should not be left behind let’s them move to the next level

  5. Good day, trust you a great weekend.
    Thanks so much for trying to improve the life of agents. Please try improve the life by giving out loan to agent, that is why most people moved to Opay, which offer loan. Thanks so much.

    1. Hi Partner, we appreciate your feedback, we are working on PayCentre Loan feature and will notify you when it is available, Thank you for choosing PayCentre:)

      1. Razaq kazeem adewumi

        Ok for the loan,let the loan simple to access and all the garantor is highly to much, because we need it to used for our business

  6. Omodara kemisola Elizabeth samkay

    Nice one but pls what happen cash transfer to access bank is not going and how much if I want to swap from Small POS to big one

  7. Thank you paycentre, you guys are doing a great job. God bless you. I added drinks and snacks to my POS and is really helpful. Why is carless transaction not added to agent daily point.


    1. We are glad you found this tips helpful, God bless you more! You can carry out cash-out/withdrawal on the BIG POS and then carry out all the other transactions such as funds transfer, card-less withdrawal and bill payments on your PayCentre Application.

  8. Ademola Olaniyi Saheed

    My loyalty points is not moving up while successful transactions has been carried out. What might be the problem?

  9. Good day,
    Please I will like to know if you guys have any POS center in Kaduna so I can physically take my machine to for upgrade.

    Thank you

    1. Dear Partner, thank you for reaching out. Our office is located at F78 Block D First Floor Mangal Plaza along yakubu Gowon way Chachaniya market Kaduna Phone number: 07088883906.

  10. It’s a good idea though but to make this more interesting and a kind friedliness to general customers who patronize us.
    Paycenter needs to work on how they can start borrowing the agents loan for the smooth running and sustainability.

    1. Dear Partner, please note that the Loan feature is currently unavailable. It will be back soon and we will inform you when is it back up.

  11. Thanks for the update is as if u know what am into am already do those additional business apart from selling phones and chargers cos I don’t have idea of it. Thanks once again

  12. Olubanwo Ayoola Ruth

    Thks for this idea I need someone to put me through on how to be arregetor agent magner

    1. Dear Partner, Kindly note that in order to be an ambassador, you need to recruit at least 20- 30 agents in a month, within and out of your location and they must be very active in carrying out transactions on the platform. You must supervise them and attend to any complaints they have whatsoever.
      Kindly note that to become an agent’s ambassador, give them your agent ID so as to know they are from You. We will contact you when you have successfully accomplished this mentioned above.

  13. Gbenga Ayodele

    It’s a good one but how can you help in getting capital for the business because seriously am interested in the phone accessories business but no capital.

    1. Dear Partner, please note that the Loan feature is currently unavailable. It will be back soon and we will inform you when is it back up.

  14. Good idea, you just open my eye to something i never thinks for this idea.
    Thanks for make a difference choice in enlighten your agents.

  15. Ajala Abiodun Alaba

    I love this great and wonderful idea, I also adding phone charging and selling boiled eggs.

  16. In general, paycentre is rated high in customer relation activities than majority of the POS services providers in Nigerian market.

    However, there are still more need to improve on their
    A. Transaction errors emanating from network errors.

    B. Ensure that their commission charges reduced to very competitive figures among their pairs in Nigerian market and

    C. Paycentre should at all cost continue to improve/maintain their good customer response attitude of the past especially in area of dispute error handling. Very important because it pushes pressure off the Agents necks and psychologically build our customers’ trust in patronizing us. Hence we Agents too have more confidence in using our Paycenter’s machine on daily bases.

    Thanks for the tips on expanding our POS business.


    1. We appreciate your feedback, Partner. It helps us serve you better. Be rest assured that your feedback will be communicated to the team in charge for implementation. Thank you for choosing PayCentre.

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