Outshine your competition

3 Easy Ways to Outshine Your Competitors

As a small business owner, you always have to look for ways to be the best at what you do and outshine your competitors, so you would make lots of profit and not sell below market price just to win or retain customers.  

The following steps will help you outshine your competition and win customers loyalty: 

  1. Interview customers who don’t buy 

If you have a customer that has not bought from you in a while, whenever you see them try to ask them “why” they haven’t been buying. By asking them this you know what you need to improve on to serve your customers better, this will also show them that you truly care.  

  1. Put your customer’s needs first 

This is a simple rule, but few people fail to follow it.  Instead of convincing your customers to go for what you know they don’t want just because you want to sell, show them a place where they can get the exact thing they are looking for and they will always come back to you.  

If you make a sale, you’ve got a customer but if you let go a sale (when appropriate and necessary), then, you’ve won a friend. 

  1. Get customers for your customers 
Customers for your customer

Doing small favors like helping your customers get customers can go a long way and get your customers to also trust you. You can achieve this by simply asking your customers questions about their businesses and career; that way, you can refer people to them and if you can’t help them get customers, you can help them solve some of their problems like sharing contacts of people they need or giving them advice. 

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  1. Popoola Olawale Siji

    This is really a warm insight. And above this by way of digression, your closed disputed resolution have put me, my integrity and business above board in my location. Where many have come back to give me a thank you.
    I am proud to be in this team.

    1. Dear Partner, the steps to carry out a cardless transaction are as follows:
      1. Kindly select withdrawal from your PayCentre dashboard, Enter the amount and choose the cardless option.
      2. Select the customer’s bank from the list of supported banks to get a withdrawal code.
      3. Give your customer the withdrawal code to dial their phone then tap continue.
      4. Wait for a notification showing transaction status, before giving your customer the cash. Get transaction receipt and you are done!

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