PC Children’s Day Art Contest

Hi Partner! We are happy to present our Children’s Day celebration this year! It’s an Art Contest!

Your child could be one of the 3 children to win their school fees and supplies in our Art Contest. As an advocate for creativity and innovation, we are happy to encourage creative skills amongst our partner’s offsprings and wards while also supporting you with school fees and supplies. 

How to participate

  1. If your child is between the ages of 5-10, let them draw and color the PayCentre logo OR the mPOS device if they are between 11- 16 years. 
  1. Write their first name, age and what you like most about PayCentre right under the drawing.  
  1. Take a picture of the artwork and upload drawing to Facebook, Twitter or IG, with hashtag #PCArtContent and tag @paycentreafrica. 
  1. We will share the artwork on our Instagram page and you can your friends and family to like it. Posts with the highest comments and likes wins.


  • Winner: 50k + 25k school supplies 
  • 1st Runner Up: 30k + 15k school supplies 
  • 2nd Runner Up: 20k + 10k school supplies 

Terms and Conditions: 

  1. Every participant must fall under the respective age category. 
  1. Must not upload their artwork to two social media channels e.g., Facebook and Instagram. 
  1. Must not enter the contest more than once. Only one child or ward per agent is eligible for the contest 
  1. Must be a child or ward of a PayCentre Agent. 
  1. Refusal to comply will lead to disqualification. 
  2. Winners will be announced on the 28th of May 2021 and required to submit their parent’s agents code to be able to claim their prizes. 
  3. The prizes are final and cannot be changed, the fee will be paid directly to the child’s school.

Note: This contest is only open to children and wards of PayCentre Agents and all entries must be submitted before Thursday, May 27th 2021 (11: 59 PM). 

38 thoughts on “PC Children’s Day Art Contest”

  1. Aluko omowunmi monilade

    What if the has finished secondary school but still fall under the required age can he or she still participate

      1. Rahman Azeez Adeshina

        My daughter falls under the 1st category of age, must she be in school uniform while drawing or any cloth?


    This is a good innovation in the organization corporate social responsibility as the contest may be a leeway to stardom for some of the participants and leads to their interest in creativity with this catch- them- young contest in the creative section

  3. Good day sir, can those outside Nigeria participate and can any where from around Nigeria participate in it?

  4. Miracle Chinyere Nwogu

    What if the agent is not married but has a niece or nephew within the age range, can the child participate?

  5. My husband tagged #paycentre Africa for the #pcart paycentre contest, and I also did but my upload is not showing on the paycentre wall, only my husband is showing, and I am the agent, what do I do?

    1. Dear Partner, kindly note that to refer a new agent to PayCentre, you have to give them your agent code to fill on their form while registration and when they have carried out 10 successful transactions, your purse will be credited with a bonus of N2,000

  6. To the admin_ in your advert you let us know that the contest will end by 11:59 on 27th of may, but as at time the third winner likes was 149, which is in fourth position and there was another contestant that is likes was 157 Which is EMMANUEL. The contestant in 4th position which is EMMANUEL want admin to look into this and shed more light on it. Thanks .

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