Grow your PayCentre POS business with these tips

Running an agent banking, mobile money or POS business is more than offering banking hall transactions, it is fulfilling the financial needs of your customers and community. 

Doing this well as a PayCentre agent requires putting some things in place to ensure that the business runs smoothly and grows over time. 

The tips below are guaranteed to bring you more patronage and increase profits for your POS business. 

  • Prime Location: As a PayCentre agent, your goal is to offer financial services to a customer and as such, you must be in a location that is very easy to see and access and where the people or community need your services.  Areas with no bank branches, ATMs, parks, markets places with lots of leg walk or opposite the only ATM available in your area may prove to be very lucrative for you. Choose a location that people can easily get to and see from everywhere. 
  • Network Connection: To be able to carry out transactions for your customers using the PayCentre app and mPOS, you need to have a stable and strong network connection. A poor network connection may cause transaction failure. 
  • An Existing Business: Having an existing business like petty trading, airtime or data sales, foodstuff etc can increase patronage for your agent banking business because your customers will know about it and inform other people that they can carry out banking hall transactions at your store. 
  • Stable Power Supply: You need a stable light supply to be able to charge the mPOS machine and your phone so that you can always be able to perform transactions.  Recommended supplies are; full current PHCN supply, power bank and laptop, avoid charging your mPOS with generator as it may affect its performance.
  • Put up your PayCentre Banner: For customers to know that you’re a PayCentre agent, you need to put up your PayCentre banners, posters and fliers bearing the PayCentre logo so that new customers can see that you run a POS business and patronize you.  

Note: The banners, posters and fliers are included in the Agent kit given to you when you signup to become a PayCentre agent.   

  • Good Customer Service:  Customers who are well served and properly satisfied will always come back, so, always ensure that you are cordial and polite with every customer.  When experiencing network issues, calmly explain the situation to your customer and inform them of the next steps. 

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What other tips do you think is key for POS Business growth? Share with us in the comments section.

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