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How to Subscribe to PayCentre’s Paid Insurance Plan

Did you know that for as low as #200 per month you can enjoy our latest feature that helps you minimize losses that arise from accidents and uncertainties.  

And guess what? All agents are automatically subscribed to the free plan. 

Here’s how to subscribe to a paid Insurance Plan with PayCentre: 

  • Log in to your PayCentre Application 
  • Go to Insurance 
  • Tap on Change Plans (Remember all PayCentre Agents are on a free plan) 
  • Select your desired insurance plan type e.g., Simple Plan, Advanced Plan, Ultimate Plan, or Custom Plan. 
  • Agree to all terms and conditions 
  • Fill in all credentials 
  • An amount will be deducted immediately from your purse depending on what plan you chose, and this deduction will happen on the 1st of every month or once yearly 
  • Voila, you are done! 

Get Familiar with our different Insurance Plans 

Free Plan 

This plan is free and it covers all our agents, but it’s important to note that for this plan you only have access to MICP (Money in personal custody) which is 50,000 NGN, and if you need to make claim you will need to move from the free plan to a paid plan. 

Simple plan 

For as low as 200 Naira monthly and 2000 Naira yearly, you can buy this plan – it’s the least paid plan. When you choose this plan, you have access to MICP worth 100,000 NGN, Equipment replacement or repair worth 25,000 NGN, and GPA (Group personal accident) worth 100,000 NGN. You can move from this plan to a higher plan if there is potential loss. 

Advanced plan 

At the rate of 400 Naira monthly and 4000 Naira yearly, you can buy this plan. When you subscribe to this plan, you have access to MICP worth 250,000 Naira equipment replacement or repair worth 25,000 Naira and GPA worth 150,000 Naira. You can move to the advanced plan whenever you want to. 

Ultimate Plan 

This is our highest plan and it’s offered to our premium agents who carry out large number of transactions.  

You can subscribe to this plan at the rate of 500 Naira monthly and 5000 Naira yearly. When you subscribe to this plan, you have access to MICP worth 500,000 Naira equipment replacement or repair worth 25,000 Naira and GPA worth 200,000 Naira.

Custom Plan 

This plan is for Agent who feel the “premium” offered by PayCentre will not cover their loss if there was ever an incident that requires them to lay claim, these set of agents can design their insurance plan, for you to design this plan, the MIPC has to be above 500,000

Frequently Asked Questions 

What if nothing happens to me or my business, can I make a claim? 

No, you cannot make a claim in a case of no loss. 

Can an agent make a claim on a free plan? 

If an agent is on the free plan and he/she wants to make a claim, the agent has to move to a paid plan, the agent can only move to the basic/simple plan. 

Can an agent choose to pay monthly? 

An agent can choose to pay monthly or yearly, Yearly payment is cheaper. 

Get started for free and enjoy this premium offer with our latest feature!!! To know more about PayCentre Insurance, read this blog post 5 things to know about PayCentre Insurance.  

For more information, follow us @paycentreafrica on Facebook and Instagram. You can also reach our support team for help via 017006213 or send a message to @eslhelpdesk on Facebook and Instagram. 

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    1. For as low as 200 Naira monthly and 2000 Naira yearly, you can buy the Simple/Basic plan – it’s the least paid plan. When you choose this plan, you have access to MICP worth 100,000 NGN, Equipment replacement or repair worth 25,000 NGN, and GPA (Group personal accident) worth 100,000 NGN. You can move from this plan to a higher plan if there is potential loss.

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