Why you should become a PayCentre Agent.

Hey Partner, you and your POS business can enjoy plenty of benefits when you use PayCentre. Want to know the reasons why you should use PayCentre? Follow us for more details below.

Easy signup
You can become a PayCentre agent and collect your device at any of our offices closest to you within a few after your registration.

Earn a living
PayCentre creates employment. We care about our Agents and want them to run a profitable business and earn decent wages.

Quick dispute resolution
PayCentre agents carry out transactions with peace of mind because we strive to resolve all their issues and complaints in a timely and amicable manner.

Enjoy competitive pricing with lots of profit.
We put our agents’ profits first by offering low and favourable pricing. The lower the pricing, the higher their profit.

Reward and award benefits.
PayCentre gives agents loyalty points on every successful transaction, and they can convert them to cash prizes. We also offer 2,000 on every referral, 500 bonus, and 20 free transactions on successful registrations. We love encouraging our agents so we recognize and award the top-performing locations with cash prizes. 

Access to pension.
We give our agents a part of our charges on their successful transactions as pension. This money is paid into their individual pension account. 

Free insurance plan.
PayCentre provides free insurance to protect agents’ businesses against theft and risk. 

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