International Women's Day

PayCentre International Women’s Day Spotlight 

March is Women’s History month and March 8 is International Women’s Day (IWD), which celebrates women and their contributions to society, it also promotes gender equality and inclusion. This year’s International Women’s Day (IWD) theme is #EmbraceEquity, which advocates for everyone to get what they need to succeed while considering their unique experiences and differences. This year’s International Women’s Day spotlight is on ten of PayCentre’s top-performing female agents. To learn more about them, keep reading. 

  1. Mrs. Bello Idiat Adedoyin 

Mrs. Bello Idiat Adedoyin is one of our partners driving financial inclusion in Ilorin Kwara State.  

Her proud moment as a PayCentre Agent is when she gets a quick response to complaints, quarterly rewards for her transactions in the PC Loyalty, and a good network. 

Mrs. Funsho Alakija inspires her because she believes she is devoted, honest, courageous, and one who takes no for an answer and strives to achieve her aim, playing the roles of a wife, mother, and businesswoman without one affecting the other. 

To her, influencing the people around her and her business is being diligent, dutiful, and humble while going about her business daily, and embracing equity means embracing diversity and inclusion. 

She’s an HND holder and loves to cook and read. 

  1. Nwogwu Mmesoma Clara 
Nwogwu Mmesoma Clara

Nwogwu Mmesoma Clara is a 200-level student of Genetics and Biotechnology at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Enugu State. She helps her customers access their money as a PayCentre Agent in Enugu, Enugu State. 

Two occasions mark her proud moment as a PayCentre Agent. The first is when other POS agents around her location are experiencing network issues while hers is stable; it gets her smiling and enjoying the moment as customers keep rushing her (flocking to her stand). The second is when a call or text from PayCentre congratulates her on winning the Top-performing Agent Location of the Month. You should see how high I raise my shoulders, she teased. 

Oprah Winfrey has been her role model since she was twelve years old. She had read some of her books and went ahead to read her biography, where she was inspired and came to believe that there are great women in the world and that women can change society. 

Mmesoma says she influences the people around her by letting them know that hard work and consistency pay. She added that no matter how small you think your business is, whenever you show up consistently, it will pay off someday. 

She believes that embracing equity means giving fair treatment to people as they deserve, and this does not mean being partial or paying back with the same coin. She further explained that as a woman in business, it means recognizing every customer’s background and treating them without bias. 

Mmesoma sleeps a lot at her leisure and sees food as the love of her life. She enjoys spoken words and always imagines herself as a fashion model with nice pictures of her in different outfits and striking mind-blowing poses. She claims she is good at starting a book, reading the part that interests her, and sleeping on the side that bores her. 

  1. Musibahu Rabiat Esther 
Musibahu Rabiat Esther

With a degree in Catering Services, Musibahu Rabiat Esther also enables easy access to financial services as a PayCentre Agent within her community, Owo in Ondo State. 

Every time she converts her quarterly loyalty points to cash prizes marks her proud moment as an agent on PayCentre.  

Okojie Iweala is her inspiration because she sees her as a courageous woman.  

Esther has a drive for innovation and new ideas, and that is how she influences the people around her.  

She believes embracing equity means treating everyone based on their needs, not their tribe, religion, or ethnicity. Her hobby is cooking, and she loves it a lot! 

  1. Becky Obor 
Becky Obor

Becky Obor is from Delta State but lives in Port- Harcourt where she drives financial inclusion as one of our partners. 

Her proud moment as a PayCentre Agent is when she gets a call from PayCentre congratulating her on winning the Top-performing Agent Location of the Month. 

The woman that inspires her is Peace Ibiyeome. She believes she is an example of respect, a giver, and a kingdom lover. 

To her, influencing the people around her is sharing their problems and giving support. Becky believes that embracing equity is working to ensure an individual gets the support and resources they need to succeed. 

She studied Statistics and Economics, traveling and cooking at her leisure. 

  1. Bankole Florence Titilayo 
Bankole Florence Titilayo 

Bankole Florence Titilayo is one of our partners providing access to financial services in Alimosho, Lagos State. Her proud moment as a PayCentre Agent is when the network is functional without hindrance.  

She loves to create an atmosphere that makes people feel at home and comfortable. That is how she drives influence around her.  

She believes embracing equity means allowing people to co-exist with one another even while succeeding in their businesses. 

  1. Adekola Kehinde Saratu 
Adekola Kehinde Saratu

Adekola Kehinde Saratu holds an HND in Mass Communication, is a petty trader who doubles as a PayCentre Agent, happily married with children, and lives in Ojota, Lagos State. 

Her proud moment as a PayCentre Agent was when PayCentre paid her a surprise visit with a hamper prize as one of the winners of the PC Christmas Spin and Win Giveaway. Another time is when she converts her quarterly loyalty points to cool cash prizes.  

Her mom is her inspiration. She encourages her to go after what she wants and advises her not to misuse any opportunity. 

To her, influencing the people around her is building good relationships, being flexible, and upholding integrity. Kehinde believes embracing equity means being fair to her customers regardless of background, identity, and status. 

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