How to carry out FRSC and Immigration payments on PayCentre

Hello Partner!  

Did you know you can earn more when you help your customers make their driver’s license and international passport payments on the PayCentre app? 

 In this short blog, we will be teaching you how to carry out these transactions easily. 

How to make payment for FRSC (Driver’s license) 

1. Make sure your customer has selected Innovate1Pay (bank) on the FRSC website and generated a transaction ID or number which you’ll thereafter input on your application to complete payment.   

2. Open your PayCentre application on your mobile phone   

3. Click on “Bills payment” on your dashboard   

4. Under “Bills payment” you will see the “Immigration/FRSC” option   

5. Click on it, and enter their transaction number   

6. Then proceed to make payment.  

How to make payment immigration (International passport)  

To successfully make this payment, you have to; 

1. Make sure your customer has their generated PIN from the Nigeria immigration service website after their completed online registration.

2. Click on the FRSC/Immigration tab on your PC application, and input the code then click on Submit.

3. After you submit you will see your customer’s name and the passport type. 

4. Click on the submit button and a deduction will be made from your agent wallet.  

5. Print the receipt and you are done! 

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9 thoughts on “How to carry out FRSC and Immigration payments on PayCentre”

  1. Francis Akinniyi Adewunmi

    That’s Great.
    How can we make subscription for Electricity payment and generate token of recharge. I have done it once and the token is not generated.

  2. Adekunle kazeem owolabi

    Please paycrnter need to activate mobile data recharge card and also betting platform. Customers always request for this services.

    1. Dear Partner, your satisfaction is our only priority, we are working on these features and will notify you when it is available, Thank you for choosing PayCentre always!

  3. Sincerely I recommend you should include bet wallet topups and internet bundle subscription and recharge cardsfor all netwk

    1. Dear Partner, I am very sorry for the inconvenience you have experienced. Kindly clarify on the issue or take a screenshot and send it to us on Whatsapp via 070369186116 or send it via DM to any of our social media channels:
      Instagram: @PayCentreAfrica
      Twitter: @PayCentreAfrica
      Facebook: @PayCentreAfrica

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