Simplified By PayCentre: How to start a profitable POS business

A POS business is a great way to become your own boss or add an extra source of income to your everyday business. The best way to start a profitable POS business is to learn the important things to know about this business. Many people go into this business without knowing how to make it successful and get plenty of profits.

These tips will help you start a profitable POS business: 

  1. Look for a Good Location 

A good location should be one of the first things to consider in starting a POS business, this means that you should avoid areas that are close to Banks and or ATMs that work very well. Instead check out areas that are far from banks/ATMs and lots of people pass there, for example: markets, bus parks, and bus stops, universities, and polytechnics or you can even set up beside an ATM that doesn’t work 😉.

If you already have a business like a shop where you sell things or offer services, then you also have a very good location for a profitable POS business.  

After you must have figured out a good location, think of what your budget is for setup, this can be a kiosk or just having an open space with an umbrella, table, chair, and banner. 

  1. Become a PayCentre Agent and get your POS 
Become an agent

To start your POS business, you need a reliable agent Banking provider like PayCentre Africa, with PayCentre, becoming an agent is a stress-free process with the sum of just 14,000 Naira for registration, you can become an Agent and start your POS business in no time.  PayCentre will also give you a big banner, T-Shirt, sticker, fliers, and a bag when your registration is complete. 

These are the things you need to become a PayCentre Agent:  

  • Make sure you have an android phone 
  • A valid means of Identification 
  • At least 4 Passport photographs 
  • Utility bill  
  • CAC Certificate 

To become an agent click here to sign up now. 

  1. Start another business 

The POS business is a very flexible one and you can do other small businesses alongside, like selling of recharge cards, printing, photocopying, and even petty trades, etc. 

These businesses are easy to manage while running a POS business. 

A provision store
  1. Build a Good relationship with your customers and Neighbours 
Build a relationship

Be friendly to your customers and neighbors, care for them genuinely and watch them always come back to you to carry out transactions and also tell others about you. Word of mouth marketing is very important and it can help your business go a long way. You can also read How to become an authority in the POS Business. 

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52 thoughts on “Simplified By PayCentre: How to start a profitable POS business”


    Thanks for the tips.. You really tried gan
    No Agent Commission fee… No weekly/monthly/yearly commission fee for Agents that registered under you, but you people can deduct 1000Naira/10,000Naira from Agent’s wallet for your stupid maintenance fee monthly/yearly
    Till you lose customers.. Shay Ee ni e stupid ni

    1. Dear Partner, some of our agents currently earn weekly commissions if they carry out 40 to 60 transactions daily. We hope to see you join them soon. Thank you for your feedback

  2. Have done transaction twice and you debited me without paying my customers,first was card withdraw 16200 and the other was transfer from my paycentre to bank and you deducted it without crediting the account

    1. Dear Partner, we apologize for any inconvenience experienced, kindly log the transaction as dispute and we would resolve it within 24 working hours or kindly send a message to E-Settlement Limited Support (@eslhelpdesk) or call our customer support line on 017006213 for help.

  3. Sincerity Watchman Toifatei

    Nice bussiness ideas you just speak on what i exactly wanted to do. Every idea has been noted. Thanks

  4. Bashir Olayinka Abdulkareem

    Thanks again for your support but from this side of mine, I’m experiencing a bitter moment recently, I made a transaction of over 60,000 to an account, despite the fact that my wallet had been debited and successful transaction indicated still the value was not received by by the account user which this was confirmed by statement of the recipient account
    Have never familiar with this before pls help a brother out…

    1. Hello Partner, we apologize for any inconvenience experienced. Kindly log the transaction as dispute and we would resolve it within 24 working hours or call our customer support line on 017006213 for help with the transaction issue.

  5. You guys are just awesome! Keep it up. Even though the journey is rough sometimes, but you guys still remain the best as far as I can see.

  6. Please DSTV subscription was unable to subscribe, there is no proceed on the new update,please resolved the issue ,then on print out issue we would like you guys to give out Small Bluetooth printer or another machine with printer , because many people avoid paycentre of the recipient and debit issue and nothing to prove it with out giving out the recipient to confirm the transaction. , thanks

    1. Dear Partner, we apologize for any inconvenience experienced, we have communicated this to the team in charge and we can assure you that we are working on this.

  7. Please how long does it take for replacement of a faulty pinpad?
    This is just 3 good weeks now my pinpad got spoiled, after contacting and submitting it to my ambassador till now no positive updates.

    1. Dear Partner, we apologize for the inconvenience experienced, kindly send a message to E-Settlement Limited Support (@eslhelpdesk) or call our customer support line on 017006213 for help.

  8. Am so happy to have the opportunity with paycenter,
    Pls so times I use to have some difficulty in network,most especially last month august

    1. Hello Partner, apologies for the network downtime you experienced, We can assure you that our network is very stable now and we auto-reverse every failed transactions.

  9. If someone has a PayCentre pos machine has such person become a pos agent, or pos agent is totally different please I need help on this

  10. Am already an Agent but if I want to get another pinpad, what steps am I going to follow. Moreso can I get a pinpad for third party???

    1. Hello Partner, you can get a PinPad for a third party, be the third party must register by his/herself with their necessary information/details, kindly confirm your location.

  11. This is a good factilitating writeup. l so much love it. But l will advise that you get us Terminal that can print details of the transaction instead of pinpad. Please, it is very important and necessary now. Thanks.

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