4 Safety tips every pOS agent should know!

This is an unsafe time in the country, and we have heard so many stories of POS business owners getting robbed and scammed of their hard-earned money.

It is always in our prayers and wishes that all our agents stay safe and do not ever get attacked but we can’t deny the current security situation of our country or the need for POS business owners to do the most they can to protect themselves, their businesses and staff.  

Below are four tips and an extra tip that can help you stay safe as a PayCentre POS business owner: 

Always be alert  

Criminals have different methods of operations and may not be as easy to recognize as we think, sometimes, they are or can behave like the everyday people you are familiar with; customers, family, or friends.  

Be sensitive to your environment and always be alert, know if there are curfews in place or when someone is scoping out your location. Trust your instinct too, if something does not feel right or you don’t feel safe, call for help or leave the place. 

Create a restricted area 

You can create a barricaded area where your customers do not go beyond and you can easily and comfortably attend to them. Not every part in your shop should be accessible to customers, visitors and in some cases friends.  

Signs like ‘out of bounds, ‘don’t go beyond this point’ should be used to keep boundaries. If you have a space for only one table and chair, make sure all activity begins and ends in front of you. 

Avoid carrying large amounts of cash on you or in your location 

We understand the inconveniences that come with going to the bank and making deposits but for your safety and that of your business, you should always deposit large amounts of money in the bank or spread them out to your other locations and facilities such as savings boxes, a savings collector (alajo) or safes rather than have such amount on you or in your location. 

Remain calm and firm when it comes to transaction issues:  

You may experience failed but debited transactions, pending transactions and so many other network-related issues as a POS agent which is sometimes inevitable because no one has control over technology. Most customers do not understand this, so it’s left for you to explain it to them. 

What do you then do, you ask?  

At this stage, it’s best for you to remain calm and explain what needs to be done to them; log cash-out transactions as a dispute, and contact customer support about other transactions.

Build customer trust by reassuring them that the issue will be resolved and they will get their funds, since your shop is stationed and you are not running away, you can also tell them to come back if they do not receive an alert in a few hours/minutes.

This is important if the pending transaction becomes successful, you might not see them again and you will be on the losing side. 

An additional point for PayCentre Agents 

Set up your PayCentre transaction PIN 

In order to avoid these scammers, from having access to your PC purse we created a secure way for you to safely carry out funds transfer transactions, using the PC transaction PIN. This PIN is confidential and should not be shared with anyone. You will need this PIN before you can proceed with any funds transfer transaction. 

To know more about how to set up your PC Transaction PIN, click here.  

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51 thoughts on “4 Safety tips every pOS agent should know!”

  1. Omodunni Omosuyi

    This is very interesting and up building. It will be nice for us to follow the sweaty tips for one to succeed in the business.

    1. Priscilla ocheja

      Thank you so much, I really appreciate your safety tips it goes a long way
      May God help us and not be a victim.
      Read with thanks..

  2. Thanks so very much for your timely advise. Following these tips with God on our sides, we can actually make it.

  3. Thank you so much we really appreciate you but please it still remain some things that we still need on this paycenter app you know that we do some cash transaction that will say transaction not done or failed but they debited the person and add it to our account balance not all transaction that say transaction not done or failed that they normally add but they add some but some did not notice because they didn’t check their balance before doing the transaction but what we want you to do for Us now is that we need something that if we click on it it will show us our balance for the transaction and balance after transaction on every transaction we did so that if they add it to our account we will know and return the person money back because if we tell them that they should go to bank and complain they will tell them that they should go back to the pos and tell them that they have add it to their account balance they even give them a small note that if they denie that they should show them so if you can do this for us we will be very happy
    Thank you

    1. Thank you for the feedback, Partner.
      However, you can check your pre balance and post balance before and after you carry out a transaction on the Admin portal.
      Kindly go to your PayCentre App, click on the Menu and then click on Portal, to enable you log in on the portal.

  4. It will still be better if you design airtime transactions to ask for pin.
    2ndly, on my big post, that is the traditional pos, I’m not able to carry out successful transfers and check customers balance

    1. Hello Partner Destiny, Thank you for the suggestion and this will be forwarded to the appropriate department to be looked into.
      For the issue with your Big POS, kindly go to settings on your app and click on Reset Transaction Pin. Fill in your BVN, enter a 5-digit PIN of your choice and confirm the PIN.

      To carry out a balance inquiry transaction, follow the steps below:

      1. Login to your PayCentre Application
      2. On your dashboard, swipe right, and select balance inquiry
      3. Select the account type, and insert the customer’s card into POS.

      Give your customer to enter their four-digit card pin on the POS to see the account balance on the screen, and you’re done!
      Please note that the balance inquiry feature is only available on the PayCentre MPOS and Android POS for now, and you will need to update your application on Google Play Store to use the feature

  5. Morenikeji Quadri

    May we not be a victims of armed robbery and all that are carrying fake ATM cards all about. Thanks Paycenter for your safety tips.

  6. Am so delighted with this sweet safety tips shared and I pray we don’t fall victim. Thank you very much . God bless us!

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