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3 Basic Marketing Tools for your POS Business

Now that you have started your POS Business, what are the marketing tools that you need to help you succeed? This is a question you have most likely asked yourself and that is why you are here.  

This is a great first step, acknowledging that your business will not thrive without marketing and marketing tools that will enable you to reach more customers and serve them better. 

Bright and Visible Signage 

It is important to have bold and attractive signage that lets people know you are in the POS business and the services you offer.  The signage should also be strategically placed. Ideally, you should have signages in more than one location including the location of your kiosk or shop.  

The beginning of the street you’re in should also have signage that lets people know you are just down the road.  

This way you will earn more visits as passers-by who would typically not enter the street or road that you’re in will have information that you’re only a couple of blocks away and walk in to find you.  

Your signage should also include all the services you provide such as withdrawal, funds transfer bill payments, JAMB or WAEC Exam Pin Cards, etc. 

Customer Inventory 

An inventory is a great way to market your POS Business in an unprecedented way. Keep an inventory of your customers.  

Collect data of their name, phone number, and business type, that is, if they made a cash withdrawal, paid an electricity bill, or their Cable TV subscription.  

For those who made cash withdrawals or transfers, you can send Bulk SMS going into the weekend to remind them that while ATMs may be down and banks closed you will be available for all their cash transactions.  

For those who made payments for Cable TV subscriptions, a reminder text message 2 – 3 days before that subscription expires, reminding them that their subscription is about to expire and they can renew at your shop or kiosk will ensure repeat business from them. 

Internet-enabled Smartphone 

It is an internet-powered world and we are all living in it. The next key tool you need for your POS Business is an internet enabled smartphone.  

You will need the PayCentre app installed on your phone to be a PayCentre agent. The PayCentre app allows you to carry out several transactions asides cash transfers and withdrawals such as buying airtime, bill payments, dispute settlement, and agent support. 

Your POS business can be a successful and profitable enterprise, but like in every field of life you need the right tools to attain profitability and we are certain these can get you started on the right path. 

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